Vermont was a blast!

So this past weekend we went to Vermont! 

Picture this.... 4 couples....two cars... and much alcohol LOL 

Really, it was AMAZING! If you're looking for a great place to get away with the family or some friends you have got to consider staying at the Hyde Away Inn.... 

Food there is to die for ( I had lamb chops, Tom had a 16 oz steak ), they are conventionally located 5 min from the main street and about 10 from waterfalls, and the owners Paul & Ann are the kindest most attentive people you could hope for. 

Speaking of the main street, there is this bad ass Farmers Market... with cheese.... SO MUCH CHEESE... and wine... and spirits... overall the best thing ever. 

Oh... and did I mention waterfalls?!?! Who knew Vermont had SO MANY WATERFALLS!!! 

Basically it's the best place in the world... Tom even got in on the fun!!! 

Over all Vermont is a solid 10/10 and I can not wait to go back :D 

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