Sabrina The Teenage Witch is Getting a Reboot!

When I was a kid there were two shows that tempered the remote fights between my younger sister and I: Boy Meets World And Sabrina. 

And as you may have gathered from the title, this article is about Sabrina The Teenage Witch. LOL

Back then, Sabrina played by Melissa Joan Hart, was my idol. She was clever, kind, assertive and on an adventure to find out about herself. Over all her adventures were goofy, family friendly and mirrored a typical high school experience... minus the magic of course...but it was relatable and fun.   

This new Sabrina seems to be taken a different spin and I got to say I'm exited. 

Played by the Mad Men Alumni Kiernan Shipka, this Sabrina seems to be headed down a darker path. 

Mystery, intrigue, and an over all darker vibe seem to be dominating the show. I mean even the updated title of "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" clearly allude to the fact that this is going to be a different Sabrina than we know and love and I think that's an awesome thing. 

We did the bright eyed bushy tailed Sabrina, this one is going to be a nod to the old while ushering in the new. And I don't know about you but that's what I want in a show reboot. Take something cool, update it an make it awesome for a new generation. 

The show will be making it's premier in time for Halloween, October 26, on Netflix and the best news, while the kickoff season is only 10 episodes long they're already filming season two!!! 

And don't worry they didn't forget the most important character SALEM!!!  

Watch to check out more on Sabrina? Find that here 

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