This Is Not A Drill BLOCKBUSTER Still Exists!

I repeat, this is not a drill... BLOCKBUSTER still exists! 

I don't know about you but just thinking about the the trips to the local Blockbuster back in the day brings me all the feels... Fighting with my sister over which Disney flick we should bring home...BEGGING mum to let us buy some over priced candy or soda at the counter... The day when DVD's showed up and you could get to choose between DVD or VHS... 

Seriously it was a huge part of my childhood so the fact that there is a fully operational Blockbuster in Bend Oregon might be the best news I've heard all week.

Granted it's not on the east coast but it is still a fully functioning movie renting destination! Well that and a popular place to take a selfie LOL 

Best part about this Blockbuster though isn't just the fact that it exists but that the local brewery rallied around this national treasure to create a beer just for them! 

10 Barrel Brewing decided they wanted to try something new with the movie store and created the Sinister Black Ale and I've got to say the reviews are amazing!  

So next time you're in Oregon I highly recommend you pop in for a brew and a selfie... heck maybe even rent a DVD or Blu-Ray LOL 

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