Gordon Ramsay Gets A New Show But Some Aren't Loving It

Let me preface this article by saying I am biased. I love Gordon Ramsay. I own several of his cooks books. I've watched ALL of his T.V. shows from Europe to the U.S. Most of which I've had to watch via grainy YouTube channels and piece together the segments! BUT it was always worth it. 

Because what you don't see from Gordon Ramsay in American T.V. is that the man isn't just some shouting, rude, arrogant chef... he's a man with a love and a passion for learning. From anyone, anytime. 

He's respectful of the men and women who grow, hunt, gather and perfect the ingredients whether it be a Wagyu beef or tree ants and he's journeyed around the world to not only pay respect to these people and their cultures but learn from them! 

That is what makes Gordon such an incredible chef. He's not a cookie cutter Rachel Ray who has 10 ways to make cookies, he's the chef that wants the world to appreciate that different cultures have different delicacies and wants to share all the spices and flavors with you. 

That said, he's been traveling the world for decades now to do just that. 

Why is any of that important you ask? Well come 2019 the National Geographic will premier a new show of Ramsay's called "Uncharted". A show where for the first time in American T.V. we will see Gordon travel to remote locations across the world to learn from the natives. 

Many are claiming it's a poor attempt at recreating the late Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown".

False on every account. 

Ramsay being athletic and a sportsman, I can only imagine we'll see him do everything from hunting to climbing to fishing to diving. Things he has all done in the British version of the F-Word s early as 2006.

Here in the U.S. The F-Word was a piss poor attempt at a cooking competition. The U.K version was a far more engaging program that had specific agenda's for each episode, and season. Including getting away from large food manufactures and helping locals get back into the kitchen.  

And while Bourdain was a masterful storyteller and credited with bringing various cultures into the homes of many Americans, Ramsay too has always been at the first in forefront of capturing remote cultures and bringing them into the homes of millions...just not in the U.S.  

After a decade of watching Ramsay, shout and belittle I think it's time the American public learn the truth. Not only is he a unparalleled chef but a kind gracious man who has a knack for bring people and cultures together. 

Judge the show after it airs, and trust me if it is anything like his work in the U.K. we won't be disappointed.

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