What do you think of Lady Gaga's New Movie: A Start Is Born?

Sooooo Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper have a movie coming out together Thursday October 4th... and I have some thoughts. 

Mainly, why is Gaga doing a movie about singing. It just all seems pretty unimaginary. 

Take a look at the three trailers below. 

Basically she's a singer from Maine about to give up on her dreams when Bradly's character find her and convince her to keep her dream alive. 

Okay, so you're taking Gaga... a would class singer... having her "act" as a singer and basically just following every singers big break story. 

To me that just seems lazy. 

If you're going to do the story A. I would rather see an unknown actress or singer actually get their big break with this movie and B. If I was Lady Gaga I'd want to branch out on my first big acting gig. 

Be a spy, or a mom in a rom com or a police officer. ANYTHING other than a singer. That's the whole point of acting isn't it? Getting a chance to do something you wouldn't normally do in real life. 

Either way people are pretty excited for the movie and the songs are already starting to make their way up the charts. So maybe there is some merit to the movie. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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