Rihanna's "Runway" For Fall & Winter Savage X Fenty Line Is Other Worldly

For first off let me say, while I have never been to a NY  Fashion Week I have watched a trillions seasons of America's Next Top Model and I got to say i have NEVER seen any runway like this. 

Rihanna first shook the world of lingerie earlier this year when she launched her body inclusive line Savage X Fenty which TOOK OFF. 

I mean of course it did, it was one of the first inclusive lines that gave curvier women an opportunity to be sexy just the way they are right off the bat! 

Well having a line that successful Rihanna knew she had to bring it for the debut of her fall and winter line at fashion week and let me just say, she did not disappoint! 

The runway full blown immerses you completely and feel more like a theater dance performance definately worth watch all 17 min of it! 

Oh and not be surprised when you not only see beautiful bodies of all shapes and colors BUT there are two pregnant models too!!!! 

Check it out below and see your favorite pieces here 

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