Weekends Call For Wine - EP 7: Angela Allison and WineSociety

Wine in cans. I know you've seen it at your local package store. And let me guess you were intrigued but leery? I completely understand! I was too. 

Wine has been in glass bottles for hundreds of years.  Decades and decades of wine makers choose that specific vestal for a reason, so it has to be the best for the job right? 

Maybe if you are drinking a $60 dollar bottle, or if the wine being made needs additional aging but how often does that happen. 

Personally I can tell you that when I buy wine, I'm most likely going to drink it in the next day or two. And as it's turns out, I'm not alone. According to Angela Allison,"90% of wine is consumed within the first 72 hours of purchase." and she would know! 

Designer and real estate mogul turned wine purveyor, Angela Allison is the CEO and Co-Founder of the fastest growing direct to consumer canned wine subscription service WineSociety

Angela and her husband and business partner Austin Allison pictured above.

A love of wine and adventure brought Angela and her husband to realize there was a space to connect the two. In doing so they created a premium quality product at an affordable price and, perhaps best of all, they deliver it directly to your door!

What the Allison's realized was that by simplify the buying process, creating a vestal that was versatile and bring it directly to us as consumers, they would be able to reach more of an audience. 

The people who would love to have a glass of wine at a party or cookout but don't want the hassle of trucking around a large glass bottle...with the opener...and the glasses... they knew that the cans would easily be able to accommodate any occasion and made sure to package them in such a way that you would want to show them off. 

Then created blends that were "delightfully balanced" that didn't require being a master sommelier to be able to enjoy. A red, a white, a rose. 

To top it all off they created a subscription based sales model to ensure that you would never be out when the moment called for it. 

Listen in this week as I talk with Angela about WineSociety the company disrupting the industry and bringing wine into the millennium.

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