Jim Laughren - 50 Ways To Love Wine More

In a mission to stomp out Vineaphobia (the fear of wine) Jim Laughren took on the task of creating a wine book for everyone and let me just tell you, he really did do just that. 

As someone who is just starting out on their journey to learn more about wine I know first hand how intimating that can be. Couple that with my inability to pronounce words correctly and basically I make myself look like an fool more often then not. 

And while that may have contributed to my reasons for staying away from the vast world of wine I fortunately I stopped caring and decided to educate myself regardless. 

That brought me Jim.  

Jim Laughren and I connected over his latest award winning book '50 Ways To Love Wine More'. A step by step guide on how to take your interest in wine and expand in whatever way that might look like for you. 

One of the things that drew me most to Jim and the book was the consistent message that this is your journey, your palette and there is no right or wrong.

You learn what questions to ask, activities to partake in, and how to challenge yourself. You read about the history of wine and it's presence throughout. You're reminded that wine is at the end of the day, a drink, a tasty drink I might add, but it's not a life or death subject and there is no reason to take the levity out of it. 

Oh! And did I mention you learn how to saber champagne....with a butter knife? 

Really this book is a phenomenal read and I highly recommend it for veterans and novices alike. Check out Jim's book on Amazon HERE or his website: http://jimlaughren.com/

And enjoy our conversation above in this weeks episode of Weekends Call For Wine! 

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