Pineapples Instead Of Pumpkins?

So I was scrolling through Instagram this morning and I came upon the hashtag #pineapplejackolantern APPARENTLY people are forgoing pumpkins this year for a more tropical feel and I have questions. 

First off... How long does one of these things last? I mean... I thought pumpkins don't rot as fast because of their low sugar content and obv the cold nights... by day two am I going to have a sticky goop mess on my door? 

Secondly, can a real candle actually fit in a hollowed out pineapple or do I have to now buy the fake tea lights? 

Lastly, why? Was the their a reason outside of forgetting it was Halloween and you wanted to be festive but didn't have time to grab a pumpkin? 

What's next tomato lanterns? 

I will say this though...on a poorly lit night if I was a youngster trick or treating and I saw a shadow from one of these goofy gusses there is a good chance I would be mighty scared LOL 

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