Cheetos Tease New Super Bowl Commercial For The First Time In 10 Years!

Cheese puffs

After finding out that a mere 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl costs roughly 5.25 million dollars I can understand why advertisers would be leery to throw down the cash but after over a decade Cheetos is getting in the game!

Earlier this morning Cheetos released a 15 second teaser giving us a taste of what we can expect this Sunday. Turns out what we can expect is some HAMMER TIME. Yes that deserves to be in all caps and yes I am way too excited to see some Hammer this Sunday, but I since the Pats are out of the running this time around I haven't been paying attention to the teams.

Commercials and Puppy Bowl FTW.

Anyways if you wanna check out the teaser find it below!

Photo Credit: Getty/Paul Taylor

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