At Home Exercises You'll Actually Want To Do

Man execising on vintage equipment in home gym

With all the Corvid-19 precautions in place kids are home from school, workers have been encouraged to work from home and we are being asked to self isolate whenever possible. All that being said, it would only make sense that you and the family might become restless.

So I figured that I would find some fun workouts that could get you off the couch and the blood flowing.

The first video is under 15 min and perfect if you have small kids at home. They can cardio without having to pay super close attention and you can move around at your own pace.

This one on the other hand will be great if you have a bit more time and no kiddo's around to prevent you from getting your burn on!

Either way I hope you enjoy and can get moving a bit while staying safe!

Photo Credit: Getty/Andy Ryan

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