FDA Eases Restrictions On Gay Blood Donors Amid 'Urgent Need'

Blood Donation

Personally I was unaware that such a restriction even existed up until recently. But considering the availability of testing for AIDS and other blood transmitted diseases this is long over due.

On Thursday the Food and Drug Administration eased the restriction on gay blood donors due to the overwhelming demand and short supply. In a statement to the public the new guidelines state, "The new guidelines reduce the donation deferral period for sexually active gay and bisexual men from 12 months to three, meaning these otherwise healthy men will now have to abstain from same-sex sexual activity for 90 days before they are eligible to donate blood"

In addition to this change the FDA has also adjusted the guiledines for people with tattoos and others who have drug use. Check out the full article here.

Photo Credit: Getty/CHANDAN KHANNA/Stringer

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