Adam In Chatham Dance Studio Is Teaching People To Dance For Free

Instructor teaching dance to students in fitness class

What a great way to make people feel connected!

Adam in Chatham is is a dance studio located at 878 Main Street in Chatham. It is also a facility which houses various master classes, workshops, rehearsals and events. That being said you would think in the times of social distancing you would think it would be challenging for the dancing community to practice their craft. Well! Not if you follow Adam in Chatham!

Adam in Chatham has created a free online classroom setting with a multitude of different styles of dance all for the low low cost of.... FREE.

The generosity of the company has really created a lovely atmosphere of togetherness and movement in the time of stagnant isolation.

Classes are updated weekly and all are welcome regardless of dance level. So next time you're in the mood to get moving and be around our community make sure to check them out here!

Photo Credit: Getty/Luis Alvarez

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