Woman Sees Dog's Face In Clouds Hours After He Passes Away

Full frame of the abstract background with colorful clouds on a pink background

Do you believe in signs from the afterlife? Personally I do. I've had tons of experiences with my passed love ones sending me sweet signs from time to time so I totally believe that's exactly was this sweet pup was doing when his owner saw his face in the clouds only hours after his death.

Lucy Ledgeway took to Twitter on June 20th after stepping outside her family home where just hours before their 14 year old dog, Sunny, passed away in her fathers arms after suffering a seizure. Lucy went outside to share her grief with her boyfriend when she looked to the sky and saw her beloved Sunny's face looking down on her from the clouds.

As you can see there is quite a resemblance. So what do you think? Sunny smiling from the clouds or just a coincidence?

Photo Credit: Getty/Jose A. Bernat Bacete

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