Dog Hilariously Shuns Owner After An Impromptu Haircut

Oh man, if you thought it was just people who reacted poorly to a bad hair dew then you are in for a surprise!

Woman grooming her pet dog

My mother's a hairdresser, normally a phenomenal one. But I can remember this one time, I must have been 12 or so, she decided to cut my bangs when they were still wet. I wish I had taken a picture because MAN did it come out badly lol. Oh my hair curled right on up and it looked like I had these teeny tiny bangs for a solid 2 months! While I can look back and laugh about it now, at the time I was FURIOUS.

So I can relate to this dog who was NOT feeling his new hair cut. So much so, he actually shunned his mother in the car ride home.

Check out this pups poor reaction below!

Photo Credit: Getty

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