Watch Incredible Moment Hero Dog Saves His Best Dog Friend From Drowning

This little pup lucked out his friend was right there to help!

Dog diving underwater in swimming pool.

Uncovered pools really can be dangerous from human kiddos and fury ones a like as this video shows.

A homeowners outside security cameras caught the scary moment when their small dog accidentally fell into the pool and couldn't get himself back out. After struggling for some time you could tell the little pup was getting tired. Fortunately their larger dog friend was near by and jumped to action.

At first you see him try to no avail to grab his friend by the scruff of the back of the neck. But after a few more doggie paddles and luck he was able to bring his friend out of the pool!

Really it's a scary sight, but after a moment or two the friends shake off the scary incident and head off to play in a yard way away from the danger of the pool.

Check out the incredible moment below!

Photo credit: Getty Images

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