Record Store Chain, Bull Moose, Fires Entire Salem NH Store Faces Backlash

Bull Moose, an independent retailer and record store chain based in Portland, Maine is facing backlash after firing the entire staff of their Salem NH location.

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In a statement on Facebook the retail chain addressed the decision to fire and close the store temporarily saying, "We are sad to announce that we have temporarily closed our Salem store. We are not able to share the reasons behind the decisions regarding the Salem store as it is important to us to protect the confidentiality of our former employees."

However shortly after being let go, the former employees took to social media accusing the chain of closing the store based on the employees voicing their displeasure on the mask mandates being removed from the store. Bull Moose addressed the accusations saying, "...We can also say emphatically this decision had absolutely nothing to do with masks or face coverings for employees or customers."

You can read their full statement below.

Despite addressing the mass layoff on social media, former employees and patrons of the independent record store have rallied together expressing their displeasure at the abrupt closing and seemingly inappropriate firings calling for New Englanders to boycott the brand. With in hours the hashtag #Boycootbullmoose was trending with other employees exposing other suspicious company practices on social media.

Former employee Heidi Lynn shared her personal experience with how the company chose to let the employees go via email.

While another employee accused the company of hiding reported sexual harassment. .

The story has since been picked up NBC10 Boston who has been monitoring the situation and working to investigate the accusations airing the first of the findings the other day.

See what they uncovered below.

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