I put over 1200 miles on the bike last week, riding through the Poconos in New York….past huge farms and the occasional buggy in the Amish Country of Pennsylvania…..and by cornfields and church steeples in rural Virginia. I visited with some old college buddies outside Philadelphia…..strolled the boardwalk in Virginia Beach with my Dad and my son….and attended my niece’s wedding in Williamsburg. Along the way I crossed many bridges, including the Bay Bridge in Maryland….the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel into Virginia (over 17 miles!)….the Harbor Tunnel from Norfolk into Williamsburg….the Delaware Memorial Bridge….the Tappan Zee Bridge, and several others. Every day was a feast for the senses. Whether it was witnessing America’s great beauty…getting caught up with family in Virginia….or laughing with long time friends, I can truly say I didn’t waste a day. Some vacations you just lay on the beach and let the good times come to you. Other vacations, you go out and get those good times. This was one of those vacations for me. You can really get up close and personal with this great country from the seat of a motorcycle! Ride safe!