California Restaurant Receipt Shows $30.95 Discount For 'Seen Rat'

The manager of a California restaurant where a customer's receipt revealed a $30.95 "SEEN RAT" discount said his staff acted appropriately.

A post circulated on Folsom-area Facebook groups during the weekend was written by a woman who said she was sharing the story on behalf of a woman who doesn't use Facebook.

The post said the woman spotted a rat running around near her feet at Fat's Asian Bistro and notified the staff.

The woman believed she would be speaking to a manager, but instead was handed a receipt by her server with $30.95 knocked off the bill for "SEEN RAT."

Kevin Fat, chief operating officer of Fat's Restaurant Group, said the incident was highly unusual -- as was the note on the receipt.

"The manager put it verbatim what the guest saw or stated, that's not normal practice," Fat told KTXL-TV. "In our 14 years in Folsom, we have not experienced something like this before."

Fat said the company is taking the incident seriously and is attempting to contact the customer who had the experience.


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