Look Out For “Enhanced Siri”

It seems that Siri was such a groundbreaker for the iPhone, that now everyone wants in on the action. Samsung, LG, and everyone else is now looking for their own version of on AI assistant that will outdo the others. Hell, even Apple is getting in on the action.

Apple is working with a Cupertino company to bring an “enhanced Siri” to the table. It’s not clear if this new Siri will be part of the new iPhone 8 setup, or if ‘she’ will make her debut in the round that follows in the next year. That said, logic dictates that for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Siri will see some improvements in the 8 either way.

One thing that’s worth a mention here is one of Apple’s recent acquisitions. They recently got their hands on Turi, which is a start-up that specializes in AI and machine learning. That might be a clue as to where this is going. It looks like Alexa has some learning to do!

Source: Uber Gizmo

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