Heinz Wants The Monday After The Super Bowl To Be Declared A Holiday

Whether they like football or not, most people will be getting together Super Bowl Sunday for some sort of party to catch the game or at least watch the commercials. And with all the beer likely consumed before, during and after the game, waking up for work the next day is bound to be tough. Well, one company wants to see that change. 

Condiment company Heinz is actually giving their employees the day off after the Super Bowl and wants to see the practice to spread nationwide. In fact, the ketchup and mustard maker has just started a Change.org petition to get the day after the Super Bowl declared a national holiday and they plan to send it to Congress if they get over 100,000 signatures. 

“We are trying to rally people around the idea that the day after the big game should really be a day to celebrate,” Nicole Kulwicki, head of Heinz brands, tells “USA Today.” “And in fact it should be a national holiday, which we have lovingly named ‘Smunday.’ ”

Reading the petition you may think it's a joke, with lines like, “sign it. For your sanity. For your family. For your country,” but the company swears their effort is serious, especially since about 16 million people skip work that Monday because of the game.

So far the petition has almost 1,000 supporters. Click here if you’re interested in adding your support, and check out an ad for the campaign to the right. 

Source: USA Today 

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