The Most Popular Brands Of Booze Are…

Everyone has a brand of beer and liquor that they’re most loyal to. People are sometimes so passionate – that it’s almost like an extension of their personality. The bar management software company Bevspot has just put together a nice little report that puts the spotlight one what the faves are in a variety of libation categories.

When it comes to beer – it’s Bud Light by a resounding margin. It comes in 7% higher than second-place Corona.Brown spirits are next on the list, the masses tend to run with Jameson’s Irish Whisky which has a 4% lead over Jack Daniel’s in the number 2 spot.Tito’s destroys the competition in the vodka world, nearly doubling Ketel One.Captain Morgan takes the rum world by storm, coming in 8% higher than Bacardi

These rankings don’t offer any representation from the tequila world, but after enough of it you tend to forget what you’re drinking anyway. Cheers!

Source: Maxim

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