McDonald Introduces New Shamrock Shake Flavors

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, many folks get excited at the thought of McDonald’s bringing back the infamous Shamrock Shake, and it sounds like this year they have even more reason to be thrilled.

McDonald’s has decided to add four new Shamrock Shake-inspired items to the menu, and you won’t have to wait until March to get them. In addition to the original green mint shake, McDonald’s menus will now feature a Chocolate Shamrock Shake, a Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappé, a Shamrock Hot Chocolate and a Shamrock Mocha.

While the Chocolate Shamrock Shake, a chocolate shake on the bottom half with a Shamrock Shake on the top half, may be new to the regular menu it isn’t completely new to customers. It’s been a “secret menu” item for years, with customers asking workers to make a mint-chocolate version of the Shamrock drink.

And even though St. Patty’s day isn’t until March 17th, folks around the country will have plenty of time to enjoy the new menu items. Some stores have already started selling them, and they’re supposed to be everywhere by tomorrow.

Source: New York Post

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