Students In Atlanta Blame Tardiness On Super Bowl Loss

If you think you had trouble facing another Monday, imagine being an Atlanta Falcon’s fan after the Super Bowl.


Which is why it was a day many were slow to get out of bed, like the kids at Greater Atlanta Christian School in Norcross, Georgia who had some interesting excuses for being late.

Case in point a post for the from the school’s Facebook page listing the reasons so many were late Monday morning.

I mean the obvious reason would be that so many stayed up late watching every gut wrenching second of the Falcons collapse, but many couldn’t bring themselves to say that exactly.

Which is why instead they wrote things like “failed to rise up,” a clever allusion to the Falcons’ slogan, as well as the one who bluntly blamed “Falcons depression” and another who made the two-quotes “ditto” sign beneath that explanation.

If only the Falcons had been nearly as clever the night before.

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