“Call Of Duty” To Go ‘Back To Its Roots”

Activision has been doing some talking about the next incarnation of their wildly successful “Call Of Duty” franchise. During their quarterly earnings call, they said that the next game will see the franchise going “back to its roots.” There aren’t a ton of specifics at this point as to what, exactly, that means…but here’s what we know.

First off, the 2017 game will be developed by Sledgehammer. The developer has also confirmed this, and they promise to divulge more about the game in the near future. The other tidbit of info that came out was about the game play. This upcoming game will feature “traditional combat”…like when the game first started

This announcement has led to the players community and Sledgehammer to have a positive buzz going into this one. Other than that, we got nothing…both Activision and the developer are being relatively tight-lipped, but we can expect a barrage of details once summer gets here. Stay tuned!

Source: Uber Gizmo

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