New Games In Store For You

There are so many things going on in this world of ours. It’s impossible to keep everything straight between work, family, kids, television, and movie releases…how are you supposed to keep track of the latest games. Good thing for you we’re here with all of the major game releases for the week that you might actually give a damn about.

For Honor (today) – You can be a knight, samurai, or Viking and impale your enemies

Sniper Elite 4 (today) – World War 2 action in the Italian peninsula.

Ride 2 (today) – Motorcycle racing with 30 courses, and 230 bikes to choose from

MX Nitro (today) – Motocross racing and death-defying stunts

Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition (Friday) – The largest Halo battlefield ever, with an all-new enemy

As far as movies, “Arrival” comes out today…which is awesome. So does “The Edge of Seventeen”…uh…not so much.

Source: IGN

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