Guy Finds Out Roommate Murdered Her Ex-Boyfriend…In Their Apartment

Fresh from Gainesville, Florida comes a tale that’s more than a little disturbing. Imagine that you’ve got a roommate, and you find out that her ex had been murdered – by her – in the place that you live. Katherine Jean Tonner is now in jail for allegedly committing that act, and a roommate gave the world Twitter updates.

A guy was minding his own business in his third-floor room when he heard “three loud bangs.” A few minutes later, the fire alarm went off, and he cruised downstairs. That’s when he saw his roomie’s car driving off, and found a dead body on the floor. At that point, another male roommate by the handle of @chaserojo took it upon himself to live-Tweet the police investigation.

As it turns out, according to the Tweets, there was a major clue that no one had seen. Tonner had allegedly written “death” on their kitchen calendar. The body turned out to be that of her ex-boyfriend, and they apparently broke up a week or so prior. Tonner is now in the Alachua jail, and the guys are most-likely looking for new places to live.

Source: BroBible

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