A Reboot For "Happy Days?"

Will “Happy Days” get the reboot treatment? It could, if Ted McGinley has anything to say about it - he’s all for the 1970s sitcom coming to Netflix. At AARP’s Movies for Grownups Awards ceremony in Beverly Hills he said, “It would be fun to see what Fonzie is today, right?” 

Speaking of the character made famous by Henry Winkler, Ted said, “I would give anything just to watch that. Henry is a force and he's one of the most loved characters in America. Just as a human being, people love Henry Winkler — he's a very generous guy and he’s fun to watch. The Fonz is a part of who he is, and if you ask him to do it, in two seconds he can get it back.” 

We'll keep you posted on developments, if there are any.

ONE MORE THING! Other shows McGinley would like to see come back include “The Love Boat” and “Married…With Children” – both of which he appeared on. And while Ted might want these shows to come back, but he also might want to stay on the sidelines if they do. According to JumpTheShark’s Joe Hein, McGinley is also known as “The Patron Saint of Shark Jumping.” Normally when he joins a show, it gets cancelled shortly after. Thankfully, McGinley “has a great sense of humor” about these coincidences. 

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