Different Packages To Be Available For “Ghost Recon Wildlands”

March 7th is the date when “Ghost Recon Wildlands” will be unleashed upon the gaming public. The initial buzz on this one is great, with some saying it’s what would happen if Tom Clancy mated with “Grand Theft Auto,” and did a bit of breeding. When the game comes out, though, you’ll have some decisions to make. Just how high-end do you want to go in order to get the most from your game experience?

The Basic Version ($60) – Entry-level without the bells and whistles

Deluxe Edition ($70) – The entry game with additional content, like expanded weaponry, vehicle-selection, and gear

Gold Edition ($100) – All of the above, plus a “season pass” for all future downloadable content

Cartel Bundle ($170) – The Gold Edition with toys. You get a collectible Cartel SteelBook, and a figurine with this one. It’s only available through Amazon.

Ghost Edition ($220) – Maybe a girlfriend’s in order? This is a Game Stop exclusive where the Gold Edition comes with a 12”-statue, patches, a metal case, a lithograph, and “premium packaging” – because we all know how important that is

.Preorder Bonuses – You can preorder the game, and get your hands on a bonus level called “The Peruvian Connection”.

Weapons hot, kids!

Source: IGN

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