Teen Gets Dream Trumpet In Amazing Act Of Kindness

Luis Sanchez has loved the trumpet since he first picked one up and “it spoke to his soul.” And he’s spent years saving up for one of his own while watching his Mexican immigrant parents struggle with money. So last year he bid on one at his high school music department fundraiser, but was outbid.

But he set his sights on this year’s fundraiser and brought his life savings - $600 - to bid on a trumpet again. Sadly, the winning bid was $1,200 from another student’s parent, Gian Montesini. But this dad has a plan all along.

Montesini knew Sanchez had been saving money for the trumpet and he decided to make sure he got one. “We let opportunities to do good pass us by,” he explains. “And I thought, 'I'm just going to do this. And I'll figure out what to cut to make ends meet later.'”

Of course, Sanchez was shocked and thrilled when he received the trumpet. "It showed me that people have a good heart,” Sanchez says. And he plans to pay this act of kindness forward. "I don’t have much to give back, but I want to give back by working harder than I ever could," he says. "It’s motivation for me to keep going and shows me that good things are still happening."

Source: KCRA

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