Coworkers Give Car To Teen Who Walks Ten Miles To Work

UPS employees in Oxford, Alabama were so impressed with a teen coworker who walked 10 miles to and from work everyday that they got together and bought him a set of wheels. Derrick Taylor had been getting up to walk in the middle of the night to get to his shift that starts at 4am and then making the same trek home at the end of a long day, but now his commute is much shorter.

The 19-year-old has been working at UPS for a year and a half, loading and unloading packages in vans, earning $11.90 an hour, which he uses to help take care of his sick mother and pay their bills. His coworkers were so impressed with Taylor’s work ethic that they chipped in and bought him a used Jeep Cherokee.

And he’s incredibly grateful for the generous gift from the people he works with every day. "If I could, I would go around and thank everybody one by one,'' Taylor says. "This is really going to change a lot for me, so thank you again."

Source: TODAY

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