Girl Accidentally Texts Her Guy Her Plans To Cheat On Him

The latest Twitter ‘hero-of-the-moment’ appears to be one Jordan McNelly. Jordan got a rude awakening when his girlfriend, “Zoe,” texted him by mistake. While we don’t know who the text was supposed to go, but we do know what it said. And what it said wasn’t conducive to the relationship that Jordan thought that he was in (apparently, she waxed her “whole body” for the new guy).

In that text message, “Zoe” was confiding to someone that she was all hot-and-bothered about seeing some other guy, but was conflicted. She was going to have to stand up the guy, that she was cheating on Jordan with, and she felt bad about for “letting them both down.” Then she went on to berate herself by saying that she was “a stupid whore”…a point that can’t really be argued with.

Rather than wallow, Jordan did the proactive thing – he posted the text on Twitter. The result? Jordan has received over 240,000 “likes,” and over “50,000” re-tweets for the post. Everyone has his back, and random girls named “Zoe” are getting rashes of crap from total strangers for no reason!

Source: BroBible

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