Man Has 110 Surgeries To Look Like A Genderless Alien

Over the past five years, Vinny Ohh’s been trying to achieve whatever his vision of “perfection” is. He’s had 110 surgeries during that time span and dropped more than $50k. His goal is to look like a “genderless” extraterrestrial. How he knows what an alien looks like is beyond us, but he seems to think that they have no definable gender. Logic would then dictate that they couldn’t reproduce, but logic doesn’t seem to be front-of-mind in this scenario.

Vinny’s first surgery was a lip-injection at the age of 17. He’s now 22, and he’s trying to find a surgeon – probably in Thailand or South America – that would be willing to chop off his genitals, navel, and nipples…because apparently, extraterrestrials don’t have those either. And doctors in America have enough sense to tell him, ‘NO.’

Amongst other changes Vinny has subjected himself to are a couple of nose jobs, and bone-fillers on his cheeks and brows. He also wears black contact lenses because they make him look more like an alien. Again, how he knows this is mystery, but he’s clearly running with it – and there appears to be no clear end in sight to define “completion.” However, it’s clear that Vinny’s partially inspired by David Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust.’ So I guess there’s that?

Source: The LAD Bible

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