New ‘Smart Condoms’ Reveal Exactly What a Guy Will Be Like in Bed

A company called British Condoms has created the first-ever “smart condom” that stores information about sexual performance and endurance. i.Con tracks certain specific skills — such as duration, different positions, speed, and calories burned — while you’re getting it on.

You just wear the condom like you normally would, while a ring at the base uses nano-chip and Bluetooth technology to track all of this information and send it to a smartphone app. The ring comes with a one-year warranty and has a micro USB port so it can be recharged, with each charge lasting between six to eight hours. It’s both adjustable and reusable, meaning this condom is definitely made for long-term use.

Don’t worry if you’re self-conscious — it’s completely anonymous. No one has to know if you don’t want them to. But those with a larger ego have the option to share this information with their friends and family, because why not?

The coolest part about the i.Con, however, is that it can also detect if a wearer has chlamydia or syphilis. Adam Leverson, the lead i.Con engineer, believes that this is the best part.

Over 90,000 people have pre-ordered the product for the ridiculously cheap price of approximately $74, which is affordable AF given that all it does. The i.Con is still in its final stages of testing (side note: is it too late to sign up as a test subject?), but it should be coming out on the market in the near future.


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