Nintendo Switch Has No External Save Option

Today’s the day if you’re one of those who’re jacked about the new Nintendo Switch gaming system. One of the many questions that’s surrounded this mystery console is how the storage will work out. At this point, it looks like there’ll be no external option. That means your only means of saving games will be through the system’s internal 32GB storage capacity.

That also means that there’s no way to transfer data to another console. Through the SD card, you can choose where to download games, screenshots, and other forms of data management. However, the stuff that you put in “save data” can only be deleted. That means no moving or copying.

The possibility exists that this could change in future updates to the system, but right now no one’s saying if that’s in the cards. The company could be protecting itself at start-up to keep their games from running wild for free over the Internet, but there are some valid questions going around about this. Most important of which is, what happens to your games if the console breaks? Do you lose everything with no recourse?

Source: IGN

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