WikiLeaks Wants To Help Protect Against CIA Hacking

If you’re even a little bit of a news junkie, then you know what Julian Assange/ WikiLeaks pulled earlier this week. The information they released this week gives detailed information on how the CIA can (and probably has) hacked American citizens on a daily basis, and the lengths that they’ve gone to in order to do it.

Among other things, what they do is get by the encryption process of things like WhatsApp, and pull data before it even has a chance to get to the encryption process. Now, WikiLeaks has made a generous offer. They want to work with major tech companies, and help them shore-up what makes them vulnerable to the CIA hacks.

Assange has offered to provide access to these companies the very tools that are being used by the CIA to do their hacking. Apparently, he came up with the bright idea after hearing directly from some of the manufacturers themselves (the ones the CIA screwed over). Obviously, the CIA isn’t thrilled about any of this, but you didn’t expect anything other than that, did you?

Source: Uber Gizmo

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