Robert Blake's Getting Married

Congratulations are in order for Robert Blake. In case you missed it, the 83-year-old is getting married again. The lucky lady, Pamela Hudak, will be his third wife. Apparently they’ve known each other for decades and actually dated back in the day. 

Let’s hope the 55-year-old fares better than Robert’s second wife. For those that don't recall, the “Baretta” star was acquitted of murdering Bonny Lee Bakley in 2005. He claimed she was shot dead in his car in May 2001 while he was going back into a Los Angeles area restaurant to get his gun. Prosecutors accused him of hiring a $10-thousand dollar hit man to do the job. 

Robert and Pamela applied for a marriage license in Beverly Hills on Thursday. No word on when the wedding will take place but we do no where it will happen.  Wonder where they are registered?

Source: TMZ

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