Booze Might Not Cause Your Weight Gain

Jane Brody has bee doing research into a couple decades-worth of material concerning weight-loss and alcohol. She was finding loads of material, each contradicting the previous. Then she stumbled upon one that stood out. It was a 2015 review that’d been published in Current Obesity Reports.

Barring human breweries that down a barrel of beer each day, the study had some good news for those who don’t want to buy the whole ‘drinking makes you tubby’ school of thought. This study looked at alcohol intake as it relates specifically to body mass. What they found is that, in men, alcohol wasn’t at all a factor in weight gain. Women appeared to have a lower body weight than those who didn’t partake in adult beverages.

The heavy-drinkers and binge-drinkers, however, had a problem. These are the groups that showed regular weight gain with their drinking. And by the way, if you have four, or more, drinks at one time then you fall into this category – three drinks for women. Their final conclusion was that they really have no idea about why alcohol has a relationship to weight gain. The only assumption was that those men who did drink are more likely to pack on some poundage. Moderation, gentlemen!

Source: Men’s Health

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