Bracket Predictions

It’s March Madness! That time of year when people who never lay a dime on any sporting event all-of-a-sudden become sports experts, and can tell you everything that’s going to happen with their brackets…until they lose. Here’s the thing…those people are usually getting their insights from real “experts” like Myron Metcalf at ESPN. That’s the same guy who said that North Carolina wouldn’t make the Sweet 16 last year. So, if you want to know what you’re competing against in your office pool this year…pay attention, and adjust your picks accordingly.

According to Myron:

Gonzaga will win it all this year

Northwestern will be out in the first game

The number of Big Ten schools that make it past the 2nd round = ZERO

Oregon makes it to the Final Four (yes…without Chris Boucher)

Iowa State makes the Elite Eight by taking out Kansas

Virginia won’t make it out of the first round

Every school in Florida will be bounced by weekend two

SMU will ruin Duke’s dreams

Look for Xavier and Middle Tennessee in the Sweet 16

Now, you know what half the pretenders in your office are going to be spouting-off when they pretend to know what they’re talking about. Your job is to combat them, and take them down. Make it happen, little camper.

Source: ESPN

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