Bus Driver Rescues Five-Year-Old Boy Found Freezing Outside At Midnight

Milwaukee bus driver Denise Wilson was about to start her last run of the night when she stopped to dash into a convenience store. That’s when she heard a child crying and turned around to see a five-year-old boy running down the road.

It was midnight and this little guy had no shoes on, no coat, and was only wearing a pair of shorts - so he was freezing in the frigid winter night. Wilson picked him up and took him inside the gas station, where someone else gave him a shirt, and then back to the bus, where she cranked the heater and gave him her coat.

On surveillance video taken inside the bus, you see Wilson giving the boy a snack and covering him with her coat. Police say he just wandered out of his house and got lost. “Sometimes God puts us in places where he needs us,” she says, “and I think a lot of us bus drivers out here seem to always be in the right place.” She definitely was that night!

Source: Inside Edition

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