HOA Looking For Neighborhood Violations With A Drone

Residents of a community in Land O’ Lakes, Florida have had it with their nosy-ass Homeowners Association. It’s bad enough that they get paid to bitch at them for having grass that’s too high, the wrong color curtains, or a flag that doesn’t meet their standards. Now, they’re using more modern means to invade their living spaces.

The community is question is called Concord Station, and lately people have been noticing a drone buzzing around the neighborhood. First, they received a notice that one would be flying around. Then there was supposedly a drone test at 200-feet, because winds at 50-feet made the test less effective.

Residents now have a fear, and a justifiable one, that their HOA is going to use that drone to spy on them and possibly fine them for violations. The problem is that there are some clear violations of privacy that could go on here. One female resident mentions that she might like to sunbathe nude, and that she now fears that she won’t be able to because of privacy concerns. Some have talked about possible legal action, but wonder if that would just be a meaningless exercise and wasted effort. Some of these associations just have way too much power, dammit!

Source: Bay News

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