Le’Veon Bell Barred From Attending Fan’s High School Prom

Eleven defenders may not be able to stop Le’Veon Bell, but you know who can?

The Waukesha School District

Turns out they’ve stopped the Pittsburgh Steelers running back from attending a fan’s high school prom after he agreed to do so for losing a Twitter bet.

Junior Ava Tarantino, a lifelong Steelers fan, invited Bell to her prom and he agreed to attend if she could wrangle up 600 retweets of the invite.

Of course once she made it known, it hit 2,000 RT’s and one RB.

Problem is the Waukesha School District laid out two very specific reasons why Bell cannot escort the 17-year-old Waukesha West student.

First, he’s too old as, per district policy, individuals older than 19 aren’t permitted to attend prom.

And the second being district bars individuals from attending prom dances who have been involved in drug, alcohol or violent criminal incidents.

Yup looks like that DUI and marijuana possession arrest in August of 2014 actually cost him four games and one prom.

But get this, the Waukesha School District is lot like the NFL because he can appeal!

Well Tarantino can as she said recently that Bell agreeing to attend her prom “means the world” to her and that she is allowed to file a request to allow Bell to attend.

Let’s hope he can get this sentence reduced as well.

Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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