NBC Wasn't Happy With Rachel Maddow's Tax Reveal

Remember the “Trump tax return” scoop that Rachel Maddow supposedly "had" on Wednesday? Well, apparently the bigwigs at NBC weren’t happy about it. At all. 

First of all, MSNBC announced that they’d obtained Donald Trump’s tax returns on Twitter, which means that NBC found out when the general public did. A source said, “[MSNBC president] Phil Griffin was trying to undermine [NBC News president] Noah Oppenheim. There was never a conversation. They overplayed their hand in a huge way.” 

The fact that Rachel took 20-minutes to actually cough up the returns and then anticlimactically revealed that the White House occupant paid $38-million dollars in taxes in 2005 didn’t set well with the NBC, either. The source said, “To hype such a big story and not really deliver is a bit embarrassing. Airing a story you’ve hyped 20-minutes into your broadcast makes it a lot less of a ‘breaking news’ story.” 

Naturally, a rep for NBC denied the tension between Phil and Noah. “They’ve been friends for 20 years — ever since Phil hired Noah straight out of college to work on ‘Hardball.’ They’re supertight.” 

Source: Page Six

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