“Tekken 7” Gets Two Characters, And They’re From Other Games

It appears that June 2nd is the day when fans of arcade-style fighting games will have their desires fulfilled. That’s the day that “Tekken 7” is expected to be released. And since this one will come out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One…just about everyone will be covered. Fans of the game are already pretty well-versed on the character roster for this release, but there are two things that are still being kept under wraps.

The two additional characters that’ll be making guests appearances in the game. Bandai Namco has announced that these two characters are characters that are already prevalent in other games. So, they won’t from the Tekken universe.….and they’ll also be released separately – the first in late ’17, and the second around this time next year.

The only thing that’s known for sure, is that neither of the two characters are going to be “Akuma” from “Street Fighter.” This means fans who are paying attention might be inclined to expect three characters into the series, rather than just the two. Over the summer, players can expect a downloadable content pack that has more stuff like new costumes, and a new game mode.

Source: Uber Gizmo

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