The World’s Most Expensive Burger

The going rate for the world’s most expensive hamburger is $10,000, and it’s not at all shocking that it sold in Dubai. Now, granted, the money went to a charity, and the Pink Caravan’s breast cancer charity is a worthy cause, but you would think that a burger that cost 10-grand would be bringing something extraordinary to the table. You can judge for yourself.

The “Burgerstack” wasn’t coated with edible gold, or some rare caviar and truffle mayonnaise. Instead, it was just really frigging big. As in…tall. Seven big ol’ beefy patties, with some aged cheddar and veal bacon to break things up a bit. Then they’re all slapped on a brioche bun with 7 spices (just four short of Colonel Sanders) and some Harissa burger sauce. And yes, the usual burger veggies on it.

That’s it…for $10-thoooousand. No gold. No caviar. No truffles. But wait, there was also a gigantic milkshake thrown in as an added bonus. So, now it all makes sense (we think?). Yeah, a charity benefited, but for that kind of money it had better have been hot, at least.

Source: Loaded

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