Teenager Regrets Nothing After Fighting A Croc To Impress A Girl

Lee De Paauw was willing to do anything to impress a particular girl...include wrestle an crocodile. In case you missed it, the Australian 18-year-old jumped into Johnstone River and ended up with serious arm injuries after the croc latched on. 

Eventually, De Paauw freed himself and even after the adrenaline wore off, he says it was all worth it to make a good impression on British backpacker Sophie Paterson. When asked if he knew most Australians think he's the stupidest person in the country, he said he did, but didn't care. In fact, his general philosophy on the situation is "haters gonna hate." 

What's more, the stunt worked. Paterson agreed to go on a date with De Paauw. 

Source: Metro 

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