North Carolina 10-Year-Old Sells His Drawings To Buy Toys For Sick Little Brother

Haden has been selling his drawings in the front yard of his Lincolnton, North Carolina home for the last three months. He has a table set up and a sign advertising his artwork for sale for a dollar, and the 10-year-old is doing it all to buy toys for his little brother, who suffers from a rare nerve and tumor disorder.

Max is seven and when he was nine months old, he was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis. Their mom, Cynthia Davis, explains it causes migraines, neuropathy, seizures, muscle weakness and more. Since Max doesn’t get out of bed much, Haden recently moved his mattress into his room to be closer to him.

And Haden, who has autism, says he sells his art “to make my little brother happy and to make sure he doesn’t give up.” His mom says drawing is a fantastic way for Haden to cope with his brother’s illness. He’s made $100 so far and they used some of it to buy Legos to play together. “I just want him to be happy,” this incredible big brother says. “If he’s happy, I’m happy.”

Source: People

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