There’s Actually A Club For Bacon Lovers

If you love bacon so much you wish you could join a club of bacon fans, now’s your chance. There’s actually a group called BENSA - which stands for Bacon Enthusiasts ‘N Swine Aficionados. And it’s goal is to bring bacon lovers together.

Eliza Cross, author of “101 Things to Do With Bacon” started BENSA and they currently have 1,016 members. She says BENSA is a lot like MENSA - the high IQ society - but there are some key differences:

BENSA takes bacon lovers of all intelligence levels

You don’t have to take a super long test to quality. There is a Bacon BENSA Intelligence Test, but it’s only four questions.

Membership does have its benefits - You get discounts to bacon-related events, like the Denver Bacon and Beer Classic, and members can share recipes and bacon memes.

Cross wants to expand the club in the future, by offering additional discounts and member benefits. “I also think it would be fun to set up member profiles,” she says. “Maybe for our single members we could partner with Sizzl, the bacon-lover's dating app.” Yeah, that’s a real thing, and it’s sponsored by Oscar Meyer, because of course it is.

Source: Extra Crispy

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