This High School Assigns Prom Dates Using a Lottery System

As the bar for epic prom-posals gets infinitely higher year after year, there's at least one high school in the United States where students aren't worried about who they'll ask to the big dance and how.

According to Yahoo Style, Aquin High School in Freeport, Illinois has used a lottery system to decide who goes to the prom with who since 1926. Junior and senior boys are reportedly assigned their dates at random by drawing names in the school library, while the girls wait in the school gym. The boys then perform a skit for the girls before revealing who they'll be going with.

“I think most people are in disbelief and a lot of people say they would hate it,” junior class adviser Michelle Gallagher told WREX. “But I think after they kind of hear the rest of the story and hear what goes into it, I think a lot of people are actually intrigued by it. It’s less of a date and more like something fun to do with your classmates.”

"No matter who you get, you know you’re going to have a good time," senior Korey Korosec added. “It doesn’t leave anybody out. Everyone’s welcome to join, and no one’s not going to have a date.”

The tradition — now on its 91st year — was first started as a way to ensure everyone at the school would have a date to the prom, but as Jihan Forbes over at Yahoo seems to agree, there do appear to be some potential red flags. There's the possibility someone might want to go to the dance with someone they're actually dating, or might not want to go at all, or might not want their date to be someone of the opposite sex, or might end up stuck with someone who's bullied them in the past.


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