Beer Based On Your DNA Is Now A Thing

The surest way to know you're going to like the taste of something is to base the flavor on your very DNA. The people at London's Meantime Brewery decided to take the genetic testing of  brewmaster Ciaran Giblin and create a beer fitted perfectly to him. 

Meantime incorporated the results of Giblin's 23 and Me genetic test by looking at the TAS2R receptors in his genetics, which dictate an individual’s inclination toward bitter or sweet flavors. It turns out Giblin is programmed to to enjoy the bitter side of life, including tastes found in coffee and Brussels sprouts.

So Meantime concocted Double Helix, a brew with tropical fruit aromas like pineapple and mango and a full bodied taste. After a successful taste test, Double Helix is now being sold in stores around London. No word yet on whether Meantime is going to expand their experiment. 

Source: Mirror

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